Monday, May 30, 2011

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Date Of Birth : February 27, 1986
Place of Birth : Franklin Square, NY
Birth Name : Jenni Farley
Height : 5' 8 1/2" (1.74 m)
Gender : Female
Fun Facts : When she turned 21, she had a breast augmentation and claimed it was her birthday present to herself.

Jenni "JWoww" Farley is a reality star best known for her appearances on MTV's Jersey Shore. Before the show she was a graphic designer and club promoter, and is widely considered as a headturner due to her looks. In the show, she is known for her short-lived romance with castmate Pauly D.jwoww playboy.

Since she gained the attention of audiences, she decided to pen a book. "The Rules According to JWOWW: Shore-Tested Secrets On Landing A Mint Guy, Staying Fresh To Death, and Kicking the Competition to the Curb" was released in 2010. She also launched a clothing line called "Filthy Couture," but operations ceased due to a a threatened trademark lawsuit.

Anyone who has watched the hit MTV series Jersey Shore has to have enjoyed every second of JWoww’s appearance on the show.  The ensemble cast in this reality TV show is known for their controversial actions and larger than life appearance.  Each of the cast members are stars in their own right now and JWoww is no different.  She has had a rather successful career in her young life and has ventured into her own business after studying at a local university.  However, her success was unparalleled compared to how she was catapulted to stardom once joining the cast of Jersey Shore as an original member in season one. 

Jenni Farley is a twenty three year old entrepreneur and now reality television celebrity.  She started out with an interest in computers and studied programming.  After a few years studying in that industry, her focus switched to a related but more artistic field in graphic design. 
After going back to school to study she opened her own design studio called Jenni Farley Designs where she catered to clients needing graphic design services.  In 2010 she continued this path by partnering with Power Play International, Inc. a web development company.  Her role as marketing director will take social networking in a new direction.

JWoww has a reputation for being a party girl and is often touted as the most attractive member of the Jersey Shore cast.  It was her good looks and party personality that made her get into club promotions.  As a promoter in the New York and New Jersey areas, she got instant access to the hottest clubs in the area and enjoyed the notoriety.  This foray into the public eye readied her for Jersey Shore where she can no longer have a moment’s privacy.  When she took on the spot in the show she did so to tell the world her story according to Jenni.  She has done more than that as millions watch her life unfold each week.

JWoww started out in a relationship but MTV cast mated say one of the JWoww traits is a lack of self control.  This lack of self control may have led to an affair between her and fellow cast mate, DJ Pauly D which ultimately broke up her steady relationship.  Now single and ready to pursue all life has to offer, it will certainly be exciting to watch as she lives through the camera on Jersey Shore.  It is bound to be a wild and exciting ride.

For those interested in the more intimate details of her life, you are promised a rather intimate portrayal of JWoww when she poses for Playboy Magazine.  Reports of negotiations have been ongoing but it was recently revealed that JWoww is finalizing a near $400K deal to pose for a nude photo shoot in the magazine. 
She claims she is excited by the prospect and Playboy claims that the sum is contingent on full nudity.  Whether Playboy or Jersey Shore, JWoww is sure to catch a lot of attention.  Plus, there are already rumors of a spin off series featuring Jwoww and possibly Snooki but time will tell if these rumors come to fruition.


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