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In the immediate aftermath of David_Dobkin's Wedding_Crashers (2005), many American filmgoers began to associate Isla Fisher largely (if not exclusively) with her vivacious turn in that blockbuster summer comedy as the feisty and slightly off-kilter Gloria, the sex-crazed daughter of treasury secretary William Cleary (Christopher_Walken) and his wife (Jane_Seymour). It was a testament not only to the memorable quality of the role but to Fisher's outstanding comic turn in it, as the seductress of gorilla Vince_Vaughn. But this short, spunky actress had much more up her sleeve than simply the Gloria Cleary bit.
Born in Oman but raised in Australia, Fisher published two teen romance novels in high school, then traveled to France and enrolled in a Parisian drama school, where she learned miming and juggling. Though Fisher's onscreen presence technically dates back to the late '80s, with a plum role in the small-screen Aussie soaper Home and Away, she took her Hollywood bow over a decade later, as Shaggy's girlfriend, Mary Jane, in the Raja_Gosnell-directed Scooby-Doo (2002).
Sandwiched in between forgettable features such as Dallas_362 (2003) and London (2005) came Fisher's portrayal of Heather in the David_O._Russell "existential comedy" I_Heart_Huckabees (2005).
The actress starred as the "unlikely" wife of Jason_Biggs (American_Pie) in the 2006 romantic comedy Wedding_Daze, then geared up for choice parts in the sports comedy Hot_Rod (2007) and the thriller The_Lookout. She also signed to voice one of the characters in the 2008 animated feature Horton Hears a
Who, adapted from the classic book by Dr._Seuss. As this list demonstrates, Fisher continually evinced versatility and aptitude with a vast assortment of genres. Off-camera, Fisher made headlines in the mid-2000s when she became romantically entwined with Borat himself, Sacha_Baron_Cohen; the two became engaged and conceived a child together.Australian actress Isla Fisher was a teen sensation in the nighttime soaps of her native land before heading to the U.S. shores, determined to become a big screen comedienne.
The vivacious redhead did her duty with a number of underwritten "object of desire" roles in low-brow comedies but established her name with a scene-stealing supporting role as a wanton bridesmaid in the mega blockbuster "Wedding Crashers" (2005). Her charming turn opposite Ryan
Reynolds in the surprise low-budget romantic comedy hit "Definitely, Maybe" (2008) led to the actress' headlining role in the chick-lit based "Confessions of a Shopaholic" (2009), where her energy, sass and laser quick comic timing heralded the arrival of a fresh new leading lady.
Of Scottish heritage, Fisher was born on Feb. 3, 1976 in Muscat, Oman where her father worked for the United Nations. When she was seven years old, the Fisher family moved to Perth, Australia, and by nine years of age,
Fisher - a natural performer who always craved attention - began appearing in commercials and on Australian television. She was working consistently by the time she was 11 and left home at 16 to take a role on the short-lived syndicated teen drama, "Paradise Beach" (1993), about a group of young people from different parts of the world who settle in Australia in search of love, excitement and success.
From there, Fisher joined the cast of the popular nighttime Australian soap and launching pad of many an Aussie star, "Home and Away" (Seven, 1988- ), where her three-year stint playing teenage Shannon Reed found her character involved with an adopted brother, suffering from anorexia, questioning her sexuality, and revealing childhood abuse.


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