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Actress Brooke Mueller (also occasionally credited as Brooke Allen) appeared in a handful of Hollywood productions, such as the 1999 horror cheapie Witchouse and the 2004 John_Travolta drama A Love Song for Bobby Long, before transitioning to a career as a real estate investor. Mueller made headlines in 2008 for her marriage to Hollywood heartthrob Charlie_Sheen.

Brooke Mueller married TV star Charlie Sheen on 30 May 2008 and became an instant celebrity, thanks to Sheen's other career as a tabloid headline generator. Brooke Mueller was raised in Florida, and her career in Hollywood was made of bit parts in movies and a brief stint as a correspondent on the entertainment network Extra.
She first made the news in 2007 as Sheen's girlfriend, at a time when his divorce from actress Denise Richards kept the presses rolling. She and Sheen married in 2008 and had twin sons, Bob and Max, on 14 March 2009.
Mueller and Sheen were back in the news on Christmas Day of 2009, when Sheen was arrested and charged with assault and menacing after an incident -- allegedly a domestic dispute -- at Mueller's rented home in Aspen. (Sheen later pled guilty to misdemeanor assault charges in the case.) The incident led the couple to file for divorce in 2010.
In February 2011, while the divorce was still pending, Charlie Sheen gave a series of erratic and bizarre interviews, and Mueller was given temporary custody of the twins after filing for a restraining order against Sheen.
Broke Mueller, born on 19 August 1977, Pal Beach, Florida, US. She is a former Hollywood actress.
The aspiring Actress Broker Mueller starred in a famous Hollywood movies, such as the Witchouse film (1999) and A Love Song for Bobby Long (2004). Brooke is not only known for her actress skills but she is a famous real estate investor.
There is no much information about Broke in her youth, until she landed a role in the comedy movie USA High (1997) at the age of 19. She also starred in some of the most comedic films of her career, Scary Movie 3 and 4, Major League. She is also known officially as Brooke Allen.
Brooke got married to actor Charlie Sheen in May 30, 2008 at the age of 29. It was the first wedding for Brooke Allen and the third for Charlie Sheen. She gave birth to twin bo
ys, in early 2009, named Robert and Maxwell. Charlie gave her a $ 500.000 work engagement ring and Mueller wore a Reem Alra gown at her wedding. Later on in the marriage, Charlie was arrested on the charges of assaulted her with the knife and later released after posting $8,500 bound.
The mother of twin boys is known to have both an alcohol and a crack addiction problem and she has been treated past for alcoholism and crack cocaine according to hospital reports.
After months of domestic abuse charges, drug rehab, and other problems for the couple, Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller had split. However, Brooke stated that she will always love Charlie because he is the father of her children, and they are not getting divorced yet.
According to reports, they are living apart but no one knows for how long, because it looks like the divorce is closing in.

Why is Brooke Mueller famous?
Broke Mueller is famous for being Charlie Sheen’s wife and also a former Hollywood actress.
Why do we like Brooke Mueller
Broke Mueller played in some great comedy movies.


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Pictures of Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife have emerged that appear to show her lapsing back into drug addiction. Even though Mueller still has custody of her twin sons, a source told Radar Online, "Bob and Max are very well cared for little boys. They are safe at all times, and they are thriving.”

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