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While most of her peers were still worrying about curfews and pimples, Amanda Bynes was starring in her own TV show at the age of 13. Her radiant smile, comedic timing, and fearlessness earned the actress rave reviews and a preteen fanbase for "The Amanda Show" (Nickelodeon, 1999-2001). Bynes' sketch comedy show was described as "Saturday Night Live" (NBC, 1975- ) for the tween set, while the actress was being compared to one of her idols - comedy legend Lucille Ball - because of her unforgettably funny characters like Judge Trudy and dorky Penelope Taynt. But it was her work stealing scenes from her veteran costar Jennie Garth, on the successful WB sitcom, "What I Like About You" (WB, 2002-06) that put Bynes on the mainstream non-tween radar. By 2007, Bynes was starring in the big screen adaptation of "Hairspray," launching her own fashion line "Dear by Amanda Bynes," and appearing in a "Got Milk" print ad - all sure signs that the All-American girl has finally become a superstar - and one that parents could approve of too.

Amanda Laura Bynes was born on April 3, 1986, the picture perfect girl-next-door. She grew up in Thousand Oaks, CA, with her father, Rick - a dentist - and mother, Lynn - an office manager, older brother Tommy, and older sister Jillian. Bynes was the family superstar from the get-go, putting on her mother's clothes and acting for them at the young age of three. She enjoyed musical theater growing up, knowing all the words to "Oliver!" (1968) and "Evita" (1996) when she was just five. Her parents took notice of the youngster's potential; even driving her an hour from their hometown to a summer comedy camp in Los Angeles every Saturday.

The support of her parents and her hard work soon brought the star-in-training to the famous Laugh Factory in Hollywood. Bynes performed a comedy routine when she was only 10, impressing a group of people who worked for Nickelodeon. They asked her to audition for "All That" (Nickelodeon, 1994-2005), a sketch comedy show for the middle school set. Bynes was a natural fit for the series, with her charm and physical comedy skills. She was a regular "All That" cast member for four years, winning over fans and a handful of Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards in the process.

Being part of the ensemble cast of "All That" showcased Bynes comedic talents, but the network saw a lot more potential for the young star. Bynes was the driving force of the show, so she was offered her own comedy series for Nickelodeon. And so "The Amanda Show" was born, becoming the channel's highest-rated live-action program at that point in time. Bynes was a hilarious, likeable, and versatile actress for three successful seasons. The actress even found comfort playing her characters, citing that she was more nervous doing her monologues at the start of every show because she was acting as herself. Bynes had nothing to worry about, however, since her fans adored her and supported her every career move. Naturally, such talent and charisma could only lead to the next step in stardom for the young actress - the big screen.

Bynes set her sights on a film career while still maintaining TV credibility. In 2002, the California native costarred with Frankie Muniz - another well-known TV actor - in "Big Fat Liar," playing Kaylee, the free-spirited and slightly tomboyish best friend to Muniz' Jason. The role was originally written for a boy, yet Bynes nailed the part with ease. That very same year, Bynes was cast in a TV comedy series about sisters living in New York titled "What I Like About You." She played Holly, a teen who lived with her older sister, played by "Beverly Hills, 90210" (FOX, 1990-2000) alum Jennie Garth. The relationship on the show hit close to home for the actress, as she considered her older sister Jillian her best friend in real life. "What I Like About You" lasted four years, and turned Bynes into a household name and bankable teen star, joining a young Hollywood group that at the time included Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan and Mandy Moore. Unlike some of her peers, however, Bynes was not about to lose sight of her goals at the bottom of cocktail glass.

While other young stars like Lohan and Paris Hilton partied until early morning and became notorious tabloid headliners, Bynes maintained a low-key profile. She was never photographed leaving clubs nor getting in feuds with her fellow teen actresses. Instead, she focused on work and perfecting her acting chops. She got another starring role in the film "What A Girl Wants" (2003), pushing the actress way ahead of the young Hollywood pack. It was a coming-of-age movie with romantic comedy elements, so Bynes was able to showcase both her versatile acting range, but also the fact that she was growing into a lovely young lady. With mature forethought, she planned to affect a Sandra Bullock and Meg Ryan film route - actresses who could not only act but were not afraid to do physical comedy either. At a time when animated movies were also box-office dynamite, Bynes voiced for Piper in 2005's "Robots." The cast was a Who's-Who of comedy, including Robin Williams, Mel Brooks, and Drew Carey. Being a former teen sketch comedy star, Bynes was finally acting among her biggest influences, a feat that made her work even harder through the years.

Never much of an athlete as a kid, Bynes had always preferred musical theater and acting over sports. When her next movie "She's The Man" (2006), called for the actress to learn how to play soccer - as a man - she did so with flying colors. The film - a remake of "Just One of the Guys" (1985) - featured Bynes as a girl who dresses up as a boy to get on the boys' soccer team, all in an effort to show up the ex-boyfriend who dumped her. Bynes was a genius, keeping the audience laughing at her character Viola's attempts at lowering her voice and flirting with women onscreen. Romance was in the air off-screen as well, as Bynes and her co-star, actor Channing Tatum, became a romantic item. The young lovebirds dated for a few years, but their relationship cooled off almost as soon as it had begun. She previously dated another co-star, "What I Like About You" hunk Nick Zano, but that also lasted only briefly.

Compared to other actresses of her generation, the focus on Bynes was less about her personal life and more on her work. Her biggest project to date came in the form of 2007's "Hairspray," a Technicolor and musical romp through the sixties, based on John Waters' 1988 cult film and the hit Broadway production. The "Hairspray" cast consisted of Hollywood heavyweights like John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer and Queen Latifah. The talented roster also included newer faces like Nikki Blonsky and Disney Channel heartthrob Zac Efron. Somewhere in the middle was Bynes, a film veteran at such a young age. She channeled the role of Tracy's sidekick Penny Pingleton and made it her own all the way to her funny signature line "I am now a checkerboard chick!" during the movie's big finale. Starring in the blockbuster musical brought Bynes full circle, having started in musical theater and humming show tunes growing up. Following "Hairspray's" massive success was another fairy tale remake for the hardworking star - playing the lead in "Sydney White" (2007) a hip adaptation of the classic Snow White story.

Talented and mature well beyond her years, Bynes set out for an entirely new and different direction with her career. She launched a fashion line called "Dear By Amanda Bynes" in August 2007, with fun and trendy pieces her teen fans loved to wear. The line was sold exclusively at department store Steve and Barry's nationwide.

    * Also Credited As:
      Amanda Laura Bynes
    * Born:
      Amanda Laura Bynes on April 3, 1986
    * Job Titles:
      Actor, Comedian


    * Brother: Thomas Bynes. Born c. 1976
    * Father: Rick Bynes.
    * Mother: Lynn Bynes. Works with her husband
    * Sister: Jillian Bynes. Born c. 1984

Significant Others

    * Companion: Channing Tatum.
    * Companion: Nick Zano.
    * Companion: Phil Lord.


    * 1996 Made guest appearances on the Nickelodeon series All That
    * 1999 Starred in own sketch comedy series The Amanda Show (Nickelodeon)
    * 2002 Co-starred in the WB comedy series What I Like About You
    * 2002 Feature acting debut, Big Fat Liar
    * 2003 Starred in the teen romance What a Girl Wants
    * 2005 Co-stared in the romantic comedy Lovewrecked (debuted in the U.S. on the ABC Family network in 2007)
    * 2005 Voiced the role of Piper Pinwheeler in Robots
    * 2006 Played a girl who disguises herself as a boy in She s the Man
    * 2007 Cast as dorky Penny Lou Pingleton in the new big-screen remake of the musical Hairspray
    * 2007 Played the lead in the comedy Sydney White ; a modern-day twist on the disney story, Snow White
    * Began acting in plays at an early age
    * Discovered at a showcase performance in Los Angeles


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