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Kyra Sedgwick Biography and Full Profile.

Born: 19 August 1965
Birthplace: New York, New York
Best known as: Star of the 1992 film Singles
Kyra Sedgwick plays Brenda Johnson, the homicide cop with a Southern accent and a penchant for cajoling confessions, in the TV series The Closer. Sedgwick has worked steadily as film and theater actress since 1985, when she starred in the movie War and Love and had a guest role on Miami Vice. She gained critical notices for her performance in Oliver Stone's Born on the Fourth of July (1989, with Tom Cruise) and had a lead in the popular romantic comedy Singles (1992). She also appeared in Phenomenon (1996, with John Travolta), Secondhand Lions (2003, with Michael Caine) and The Woodsman (2004, with Eve). She began her run in the The Closer (also featuring Anthony Denison, credited as John Denison) in 2005 on the cable channel TNT.

Kyra Sedgwick was born on August 19, 1965, in New York. She was brought up in a well-to-do family. She developed an active interest in acting in her teens.

In 1982, Kyra got her first gig in the series "Another World". Three years later, in 1985, she acted in "Cindy Eller: A Modern Fairy Tale". During this time, she entered the University of Southern California.
Kyra Sedgwick appeared in a number of shows like "Amazing Stories" and "Miami Vice". In 1988, she acted in the movie "Born on the Fourth of July" and in "Lemon Sky".
Kyra got married that year to Kevin Bacon, whom she met on the sets of "Lemon Sky".
As her popularity grew, Kyra got roles in "Mr & Mrs Bridge" (1990) and "Miss Rose White" (1992). The latter
feature also nominated her for Golden Globe. Her next big works were "Singles", "Heart and Souls" (1993), "Something to Talk About" (1995) and "Phenomenon" (1996).

Her next notable works were in the movies "What's Cooking?" (2000) and "Personal Velocity" (2002). After that, Kyra Sedgwick worked steadily in the popular series "Ally McBeal". She also acted in a number of features during this time which included the series "Queens Supreme" (2003).
In 2005, Kyra appeared in the show "The Closer". She, eventually, won her first Golden Globe award for her performance in this series. Her next movies were "The Game Plan" (2007) and "Game" (2009).

Why is she famous?

Kyra Sedgwick is famous as an actress for her role in the popular series "The Closer". She has also appeared in nearly 50 other series and movies.

Actress Kyra Sedgwick was seemingly born into fame, as a cousin of '60s mod icon and muse of Andy_Warhol Edie_Sedgwick. While only 16 when she made her professional acting debut on the TV soap Another_World in 1982, Kyra proved much more stable than her ill-fated predecessor, graduating from USC and going on to cultivate a successful acting career on the stage, screen, and television. With high cheekbones, piercing eyes, full lips, and a mane of striking blonde curls, the young actress had no problem landing the film and TV roles to sustain her life as a working actress, but her solid, pensive presence onscreen proved to be an even more useful asset than her looks. Landing at least two substantial parts a year, she built up a resumé over the next decade that included the title role in 1985's Cindy_Eller:_A_Modern_Fairy_Tale and a part in the acclaimed 1987 TV movie Lemon_Sky, where she met co-star and future husband Kevin_Bacon. The two were married the following year and would have two children.

As the '90s approached, Sedgwick gained big-screen attention with a supporting role in Oliver_Stone's Born on the Fourth of July (1989). In 1992, she notably had the chance to embrace her Jewish side -- as a person who'd openly spoken about her mixed ethnic identity -- with a role in Miss_Rose_White, starring as a Polish-born woman sent to New York as a child to escape the Holocaust, but who is forced to confront the Jewish heritage she's since denied when she finds that the sister she was separated from is still alive.

That same year, Sedgwick scored the "big break" part that she would long be remembered for when Cameron_Crowe cast her as the female lead in his film Singles. A sweet and funny generational opus about life and love after college, the dramedy was filmed on location in Seattle in 1991, just as the grunge music movement was beginning to take off. In addition to supporting cast members like Matt_Dillon and Bridget_Fonda, the film featured artists like Eddie_Vedder and Chris_Cornell in minor roles as musicians. Sedgwick's placement in a movie that would prove to be so iconic for its time and place endeared her greatly to Gen-Xers, though she would lie low throughout the '90s and 2000s, frequently choosing smaller, independent projects.
In 2004, Sedgwick and husband Kevin_Bacon undertook a joint project, The_Woodsman, which Bacon also produced. Still more daunting for the spouses than the notoriously stressful task of working together, the film cast Bacon as a paroled pedophile, examining the character's recovery and the tentative relationship that he forms with a somewhat emotionally hardened fellow lumberyard worker, played by Sedgwick. While hardly blockbuster subject matter, the project was praised by critics, as was Sedgwick's intimate, minimalist performance.

It seemed clear that Sedgwick's interests as an actor lay outside the harshest glare of the Hollywood limelight, but in 2006 she managed to stumble into its illumination anyway, starring in the TNT drama The_Closer. Playing a Southern-born police detective with an uncanny skill for extracting confessions, Sedgwick brought a multi-dimensional quality to the character of Brenda Johnson that made the series considerably more well-rounded than the other procedural crime shows that flooded prime time. The complex nature of the role earned her immense praise, as in a singe episode, Brenda could share the screen with her arrogant co-workers, her flirtatious beau, her beloved but nagging mother, and several criminal suspects that she might persuade to confess through any number of personal approaches. Audiences were awed at the genuineness with which Sedgwick was able to portray a character who is so frequently choosing her words and actions with careful precision, and the series was picked up for a second season in 2007. That same year, Sedgwick took home a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television Drama.

Famous Works
    * Film Appearances
    * Halina, War and Love (also known as The Children's War), Cannon, 1985
    * Tess Brock, Tai-Pan, DEG, 1986
    * Prostitute drifter, Kansas, TransWorld, 1988
    * Donna, Born on the Fourth of July, Universal, 1989
    * Ruth Bridge, Mr. and Mrs. Bridge, Miramax, 1990
    * Sam, Pyrates, Vestron Video, 1991
    * Linda Powell, Singles, Warner Bros., 1992
    * Julia, Heart and Souls (also known as Seven Souls), Universal, 1993
    * Blanche, hooker, Murder in the First (also known as Meurtre a Alcatraz), Warner Bros., 1995
    * Emma Rae, Something to Talk About (also known as Grace under Pressure and The Power of Love), Warner Bros., 1995
    * Bevan, The Low Life, CFP Distribution, 1996
    * Lace Pennamin, Phenomenon, Buena Vista, 1996
    * Felicia Potter, Critical Care, Imperial Entertainment, 1997
    * Sarah Raymond, Labor Pains, 1999
    * Rachel Seelig, What's Cooking?, 2000
    * Herself, Conversations with Jon Turteltaub (also known as Spotlight on John Turteltaub), 2000
    * Exton, Rumor Has It, 2002
    * Delia, Personal Velocity: Three Portraits (also known as Personal Velocity), 2002
    * Halley, Just a Kiss, 2002
    * Mae, Secondhand Lions, 2003
    * Television Appearances
    * Series
    * Julia Shearer, Another World, NBC, 1982-1983
    * Janey Munroe, Talk to Me, ABC, 2000
    * Movies
    * Lillian Salo, The Man Who Broke 1,000 Chains, 1987
    * Arlene, Women and Men: Stories of Seduction, 1990
    * Arlene Megeffin, Women & Men II (also known as Women &Men: In Love There Are No Rules), HBO, 1991
    * Title role/Reyzel Weiss, "Miss Rose White," Hallmark Hall of Fame,NBC, 1992


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