Monday, November 15, 2010

Mike Thomas Profile and Full Biography

Michael Thomas was born in Oakland , Ca. in 1949. The founder of Colossal Storage and the sole inventor or all its technologies and concepts. Michael attended California Public education. After graduating from high school Mr. Thomas Went to 3 years of higher education at various universities and city colleges. In 1971 Michael joined the US Navy where is he was to spend the next 4 years getting a million dollar education at the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)/ Nuclear Regulatory Commissions (NRC) Nuclear Power Program, Advanced Electronics Radar Schools. 
In 1975 Michael was honorably discharged from military service and started working for start-up CFI, a small but successful magnetic disk pack manufacturer, where he helped to develop the magnetic particle orientation process. After a year at CFI Michael was recruited by Computer Sciences Corp. NASA/AMES to work on the US Space Shuttle Program where he received national recognition for his optical isolator interface for PDP/11 simulator electronics.

Another year passed and Michael was recruited by Varian Associated as a Final Test Engineer developing start-up X-Ray Computerized Tomography Systems using Xenon gas femto amp detectors. After personally assembling and testing three multi-million dollar systems for Varian. Michael went to work for Allied Media Technology where he personally designed, programmed and installed magnetic media VHS and floppy disk production equipment along with a reverse gravure isocyanide Passavant coating line in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He found the Bulgarians to be friendly and very warm towards Americans, something not found in European countries like France. Next Michael went to work for Memorex as a Senior Manufacturing Engineer where he designed Analog, digital, and software duplication test equipment setting new production records. He invented, designed, and build the world's first simultaneous 2 surface read/write head magnetic media test equipment quadrupuling production capacity.
After working three years at Memorex several engineers from Memorex and IBM including Michael founded Evotek. Evotek one of the first hard Drive companies in the world, which was later acquired by HMT Technologies. Mike also developed one of the world's first RAID multitasking disk drive storage systems and one of the world's first portable self contained brief case computer systems. 

Within another short period of time Michael craving for startup excitement surfaced again where he completely designed the Xebec Owl 3.5 in. drive, who funded his next magnetics Company, start-up IMC later acquired by IBM. At IMC Mr. Thomas worked with Dr. Dyke, inventor of laser disk, where he perfected electroless and electrolytic plating, sputtered cobalt/carbon for hard disk, and developed theories for using lasers on magnetics including three dimensional recording.

Mr. Thomas was approached by start-up X'LNT Diskettes a small Texas company of 150 people that produced over 250 million floppy disks. Mr. Thomas was offered the job of Chief Engineer in charge of R&D where he was free to pursue his ideas on isocyanide urethane reverse gravure chemical formulation of coating magnetic tapes and disk, robotic and automation designs for manufacturing, injection molding design and operation, and total control of a multi million dollar production facilities important to the State of Texas. Chinese floppy disk manufacturers started flooding the market with cheap product to take market share and caused X'LNT Diskettes to go out of business.

In 1990 he started a small but very successful floppy disk certification and multitasking duplication test equipment company. Michael had to shut the company down after the Chinese government brought a frivolous lawsuit in attempts to gain access to Michael's proprietary software and automation programs. In 1992 Michael founded FramDrive a solid state drive company using the Ramtron Fram chips for its products. He completed a 40 gigabyte prototype design using drams. The fram chips had Japanese production delay problems and Michael did not want to pursue any further funding until Fram chip production commenced. Ten years later fram chips are appearing on the market in large nubers. 

Michael has done many other projects like building and designing a production plant in Bulgaria, consulting for Kaiser Aerospace, Commodore Computer Systems, California Computer Systems, and Transpacific Emergency power systems. He has been offered jobs at NASA, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, and Stanford SLAC. 

Michael has 7 patents on ferroelectrics used for a solid state drive and 2 patents on an Integrated Read/Write Head for Ferroelectric Optical Storage Media # 6,028,835 and #6,046,973 assigned by US PTO 2000 which will be used to develop the Ferroelectric Molecular Holograpi

c/3D Optical Storage Drive Device.

Interstellar and Interplanetary Propulsion used to save mankind from extinction.(Patent Pending)

Wireless Power Transmission Satellite used to save the planet and mankind from extinction.(Patent Pending)


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